Answer Yes, and You'll Know that DataCove Search Appliance is the Solution for You

  • Are you facing an enterprise search technology problem?
  • Are the limitations and expense of your Google Search Appliance causing angst?
According to Gartner, our digital universe is doubling every 18 months; ask yourself:
  • 1.  Is there data you know you have but are having difficulty finding?
  • 2.   Would you like to have the fastest and most effective search solution at only a fraction of the cost of other search solutions?
  • 3.   Would you like to dramatically increase the indexing and query speed of your current search solution?
  • 4.  Would you like to radically reduce the number of servers required to search your data?
  • 5.   As your data grows, are you looking for a cost effective upgrade solution?
  • 6.   Do you have massive databases for which you need fast and accurate retrieval?
  • 7.   Do you have large email archives with attachments that need to be found?
  • 8.   Do you have multiple file types at multiple repositories that need to be searched?
  • 9.   Most solutions take a great deal of time to implement. Would you like to implement the most effective search solution that only requires a fraction of the time required by      other solutions?
  • 10. Would you like a search solution that is highly scalable and can grow as your data grows?
If you currently use a Google Search Appliance, ask yourself:
  • 1.  Is your GSA satisfying all your search requirements?
  • 2.  Would you like to enhance your GSA capabilities by being able to search large databases or email repositories?
  • 3.  Would you like to add to GSA's footprint with less hardware and at a fraction of the cost of Google?
  • 4.  Would you like to have added search capability but maintain the familiar look of the Google Search screens?
  • 5.  Would you like the flexibility to schedule crawlers?
  • 6.  Would you like a search solution that is based on data size, not document count?
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