Enterprise Search Appliance

DataCove Search Appliance is an incomparable solution for search technology-related pain points

Lack of Speed
  • Long query delays or timeouts
  • Search latencies-time between receipt of
    new data and when it is searchable
  • Slow indexing times
Limited Scalability
  • Too much data
  • Data in too many different applications
  • Data in too many locations
Escalating Cost
  • Too costly to search all of your data
  • Requires too much hardware
  • Requires trained / dedicated engineers
Lack of Accuracy
  • Poor search results
  • Can't find data in unstructured content
Poor Integration
  • Complex to integrate search solutions
  • Aggregation of search across all critical data

DataCove Search Appliance offers the next generation of Search performance with cutting-edge technology.

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