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Access email from wherever you are via the DataCovemail Web Client (TWC). Most web clients have slow performance and limited functionality. TWC is AJAX-based and delivers the look, feel, usability and performance of Exchange running in a local environment.


  • Easy to use familiar interface for email / groupware
  • Includes all commonly used Outlook email functions
  • Looks and feels more like Outlook than Microsoft's own Web Access Client does
  • Full WYSIWYG Editor
  • Rules Wizard for setting forwards, redirects, replies and other automated functions
  • DataCovemail Themes let you modify TWC's look and feel to match your existing CI
  • Multi-Language Ready

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Have To be:DataCove Mail Webaccess Webaccess

DataCove Mail Calendar Calendar

DataCove Delagate Delagate





  • Full group scheduling, including free/busy information, find next available slot for all attendees, schedule required and optional attendees as well as resources (i.e. conference rooms), attach files and view attachments in meeting requests, track acceptance status of attendees and the full selection of response options for meeting requests (accept, decline, accept tentative, and propose new time)
  • Transparent, standards-based auto-conversion between DataCovemail Web Client and Outlook for requests and responses
  • Define a delegate for a mailbox and assign specific rights (manage email, calendar etc)
  • Share personal folders with other users (groups) and define the access levels
  • Global directory / address book
  • Permissions-based public folders for emails, calendars and contacts
  • Drag and drop items from your mailbox (email, contacts, calendar) to public folders



  • Set group calendars into commonly required sets that can be recalled by the click of a button
  • Overlay Calendars - Allows the user to see multiple calendars at the same time in day, week and month views. This makes it much easier to organize events and appointments in multiple personal calendars. It also allows the user to combine personal, public and other people's calendars in a single view for easier planning and scheduling.
  • Calendar Planning Mode - Allows the user to see multiple calendars in a planning sheet view at the same time at various scales, e.g. day, week, month. For easy planning in teams, managing holiday calendars or doing team resource allocation.



  • Freely interchange between DataCovemail Web Client and Outlook without losing data or reformatting emails, calendars, contacts
  • Single-click sorting by subject, sender, date/time
  • Mailbox-wide message searching for attachments and other focused searches
  • Mouse-over for rapid browsing of appointments, contacts, and message previews
  • Right-click menus to view, modify or delete calendar items without having to open them
  • Tailor the interface to the userís preference ( resizable / collapsible frames, hide/show part of the user interface etc)
  • Send / receive emails in rich text format
  • Auto-completion while addressing messages
  • Auto-insertion of custom signatures
  • Integrated spell-checking
  • Manage multiple calendars from a single interface
  • Create / manage contacts and personal distribution lists
  • Rules wizard creates server-side rules for automated incoming email management
  • Out-of-office assistant

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