DataCove email archiving service

DataCove Cloud

DataCove Cloud is designed based on our award-winning email archival appliance, DataCove. DataCove SaaS email archiving offers a fully searchable database with intuitive menus for easy use and retrieval.

DataCove Cloud archives email for all standard message transfer agents utilizing POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • Sendmail
  • Imail
DataCove Cloud email Hosting


DataCove Cloud is a complete archiving solution that provides long term storage and retrieval of email data. Features include:

  • Email Archival Compliance - Using multiple archiving and storage modes, DataCove archives all types of email communication in a manner compliant with government regulations.
  • Message Indexing and Storage - Redundant disk and media archiving for long-term storage. Catalogued using advanced algorithms. Email is indexed by content, attachments, users and more.
  • Advanced Search - Advanced search algorithms provide fast and accurate retrieval of archived emails.
  • Web-Based Search - Using a function called Developmental Search, each user's database of archived emails is imported from the client's network using LDAP or through manual entry. This allows all users to perform a web-based search of their own archived emails. Only the IT Administrator and Compliance Officer have access to all email within the organization.
  • Scheduled Search - Basic and Advanced searches can be scheduled to run at desired intervals for automated network monitoring.
  • Reliable Long Term Permanent Storage - All data is stored locally on the appliance on high quality server class hard disc media with permanent storage written to highly reliable WORM tape technology. Meets all SEC, NYSE, and NSAD standards for permanent storage of data.
  • Advanced Encryption Technology - All external storage is protected for maximum security using 256-bit AES.
  • Multiple User Configuration - Different level of users can be configured to have access or denied access to multiple areas of control. Allows for remote users to access records without full administration control. An excellent feature for auditing.
  • Outlook Connector - Add-on software that provides a direct plug-in to the Outlook client to allow users to search emails in their own accounts, and restore them if desired.


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