DataCove-Cloud email solutions

DataCove Cloud

Cloud Archiving Solution for Education and Business

Recent changes to Federal and State e-discovery rules for civil procedure require organizations of all sizes to be able to store, search and retrieve electronic communications dating as far back as seven years. Secure storage and quick retrieval is now essential.

Electronic communications include


  • Email
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Digital faxes

DataCove Cloud captures and indexes all email, attached files, PST, and digital faxes. The ESI (Electronically stored information) is sent to a central repository located at the Tangent facilities. the repository is equipped with fault-tolerant, redundant, and secure servers to ensure uninterrupted service. DataCove Cloud offers:

  • An affordable, complete Cloud solution
  • Effortless search and retrieval
  • Redundant disk and tape archiving for long term storage
  • Automatic archive to AIT WORM tape
  • Long-term, unalterable archiving


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